Posted by: bsljeff | 7 January 2011

Communication Support in Mainstream Education

Posted by: bsljeff | 24 July 2010

WOW!! A real transmission in sign langua

WOW!! A real transmission in sign language from the International Space Station so a world first – check this vid out:

Posted by: bsljeff | 22 January 2010

Getting a great vibe from the new video

Getting a great vibe from the new video call software that connects webcams to videophones – watch this space!

Posted by: bsljeff | 13 June 2008

Are we feeding the machines of the Matrix?

Click on the video clip below – not signed or captioned but easy to follow for those of us interested in new technology – Enjoy!!

Posted by: bsljeff | 12 June 2008

USA’s own Deaf hunger striker back in 2006…

A news clip interviewing this deaf hunger striker – clickon the video clip below – it is captioned!

Posted by: bsljeff | 12 June 2008

Success for the French Deaf hunger strikers

News from Paris – Reporter in International Signs:

Posted by: bsljeff | 8 March 2008

Famous old Deaf joke – now a Pepsi Cola TV advert!

This is a well known and very old Deaf joke – well done to Pepsi Cola for taking this on and advertising it on TV during SuperBowl (US equivalent of our FA Cup Final) at peak viewing time!  Enjoy!

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